Sirius-PW is a free classical PvE – server Perfect World 1.3.6. Rates [x1].

Server location: Europe, France. The client and the server are connected to Anti-Cheat and Anti-DDoS protection.

Technical information:

1) The version of the server is 1.3.6
2) 3 races: Untamed, Winged Elves, Human
3) Multiplier – x1
4) Dungeons: 19-109
5) Events: Dragon Temple, City of Abominations, Thursday Night Fights, The Battle of Archosaur, Arena, Twilight Temple, Insularum Valley, Forgotten Frostland, Valley of Reciprocity, Secret Hive

Have you ever wished to bring some days of the past back? Then Sirius PW is exactly what you need!

Our server is the most classical version of the Perfect World. The gold age of the game if I may.

You’ll find here all you missed so much from the ideal combination of races and classes in the background of the untouched balance of PvP to sometime even the enormously hardcore PvE.

Your comfort and pleasure is our first consideration, that’s why we use only the best server equipment and have 24/7 adequate and professional GM and administration support as in the game so on the forum or through the e-mail.

Boredom and sadness are two things you’ll never feel playing on our server because there are stable GM-events once a day.

We strictly control all violations and have system of bans, so you don’t need to be afraid that the bully will get away without punishment. There is a just list of rules which is likely to be followed.

Administration helps and controls the in-game economics so there are no items in the game shop which can ruin the balance of the game process.

Feel nostalgic walking along the wide streets of the Archosaur City, fighting the waves of cruel creatures attacking Harpy Wraith in the Valley of Reciprocity, unraveling mysteries of the Secret Hive and showing your skill and power at the Thursday Night Fights!

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